SEXY SPARKLES Mom Dad Ring Necklace Love You Dad Mom Titanium Steel Necklace

$ 9.99

Product Description

  • Dad Titanium Steel Necklace and Ring in Silver Tone
  • Chain Measures: Approx:50cm(19 5/8") long Ring Size: Ring inner diameter: 17.5cm Dia.(6 7/8")
  • Ideal Gifts: Gifts for mothers day from daughter,gifts for mom from son,the love between mother and daughter mother and son is forever
  • The best gift to you dear mom and dad,ring necklace design,it can be as necklace or just a ring,the inner engraving is "love you mom" or "love you dad" ,the sweetest words from daughter and son,the love always by your side
  • Simple design but full of love,simple words but it is the sweetest words