3 Mask Ear Strap Hook for Masks, Adjustable Extension Relieving Ear Pressure

$ 9.99

Product Description

Mask Ear Strap Hook for Masks,3 Gear Adjustable Extension Strap for Relieving Long-

time Wearing Ears' Pressure & Pain for Adult and Child(3 PCS)


·         Function: 3 Gears adjustable anti-slip ear hook for mask, ear protector special for Reducing the pain and pressure of long time wearing a mask in the ear.

·         Suitable Scenario: Suitable for various types of mask with two-point connection and Fit for the people who need to wear masks for a long time such as dust-workers, food-workers and so on.

·         Adjustable in three gears: The adjustment buckle has three gears, which can be adjusted freely according to the size of your head shape and fit to most of people.

·         Material: This ear strap hook is made of durable PP flexible material that can be repeatedly washed, safe and durable.

·         Packing: 3 pieces per pack, which can be reused. This product allows you to bring health to your family while giving them more comfort.

·         Measures: Approx:15cm x2cm(5 7/8" x 6/8")

·         The buckle design is easily adjusted to make the mask more compact and comfortable to wear